The Pool is Open for Business!

There’s still a nip in the air, but our furry guests don’t seem to care. We just opened the pool for the season, and The Grand Pack celebrated with a rousing dip! Our signature bone-shaped pool is the place to be on warm days (or even cold days, according to the Labradors!). Our Pet Pals stay close by to ensure everyone plays and swims safely. We even have guests who haven’t mastered the doggy paddle, so we equip them with flotation devices that give them the extra courage they need to swim like big dogs. Pool time at The Grand is a unique experience filled with so much adventure! Stop by with your dog on a warm day and stay to watch the fun. 30 minutes of Pool Time is only $20. Our PlayCare Pack enjoys complimentary outings to the pool as an extra perk for their regular paw-tronage.